About Angel Arms


Angel Arms provides a safe atmosphere for infants, children (0-5), and families suffering from Substance Use Disorder. Angel Arms provides support services for families and communities to educate, bring awareness, and provide managed care for infants and children exposed to drugs while providing services for birth-parents and caregivers.


Programming at Angel Arms centers are composed of professionally trained therapist and mentors who are committed compassionate people. Individuals in recovery, NAS infants and children (0-5), caregivers, and their families can be assured that they will be met in a nonjudgmental environment with encouragement and support. Our staff dedicated to providing counseling and the integration of sound community practices in the recovery process. We provide individualized care, infant and children (0-5) support, and group therapy to treat the entire person physically, psychologically, and spiritually.

Dawn Hennessey,Founder and Director

"Children are another face of addiction that is not being seen, we need to reach the children and then walk through the doors to reach the mothers and residing family member's. Children and infants are forgotten in this epidemic and mothers feel helpless and hopeless. We need to be apart of the solutions."


Not a licensed Program  
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