About Our Program

Our Vision

Angel Arms advocates for the rights of families, infants and children, (0-5) suffering from Substance Abuse Disorder. Angel Arms supports for a safe environment and to provide services for birth-parents, NAS infants, children, and caregivers.

Our Goal

1.) Improve the quality of life for a child born into substance abuse

2.) Provide a short-term, safe atmosphere for birth-parents, infants and children. 

3.) Provide supportive services for families and communities through education and awareness 

4.) Provide professional therapist and mentors committed to the recovery of individuals and NAS infants in a non-judgmental environment 

5.) Provide supportive service through one-one counseling or group

6.) To treat the whole person, physically, psychologically, and spiritually

Our Programs

Awareness Program

Angel Arms Education & Awareness Centers purpose is to bring awareness about NAS infants and children in addiction while supporting and breaking the stigma of birth-parents in Substance Abuse Disorder. Building a connection and providing supports and appropriate resources is a vital component in assisting this special population. We do this through community meetings, speaking engagements, and community outreaches. Gathering data and research will continue to aid in the important effort. 

Day Program

Angel Arms Infant & Child Care Centers provide a safe and nurturing place for infants and children to recover while providing counseling and resource support for addicted mothers. The center will provide services at low to no cost to families, children, and caregivers. Home visit, group, one on ones, and resources are provided. 

Residential Program

Angel Arms Refuge Homes provides a safe environment where women in Substance Abuse Disorder can receive support while pregnant and/or upon return of a treatment facility may reside with their infant or children. Angel Arms has developed a 12 month program that will be incorporated in their individual's plan of care. This will include Angel Arms supports, community resources, CRS, and county agencies. Building a support system for mothers and children is essential for long-term recovery and sustainability.

Residential Program are future plans and not yet operating

Not a licensed Program  
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